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Free Hypnosis Script for Insomnia: Sleep Reprogramming [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Insomnia Sleep Reprogramming [PDF]
Free Hypnosis Script for Insomnia: Sleep Reprogramming [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Your beautiful beach is a perfect inner sanctuary… a place where your inner mind can reprogram itself so that you return to the ability you were born with. That ability is your birthright… the ability to sleep fully and naturally each and every night, easily, effortlessly. Your vast inner mind can think thousands of times faster than I can speak so, as your conscious mind floats on this wonderful beach, your inner mind accepts all the positive and beneficial ideas on this recording. And your vast inner mind races far ahead of me to do every healthy thing necessary inside so that you  sleep deeply, fully and restfully… each and every night. The more you listen to this recording, the more powerfully every breath you breathe restores you to deep, full sleep every night. If you are someone whose shift work means you sleep when other people are awake, your inner mind automatically translates the word “night” to “your normal sleeping hours.” You now inform your inner mind of how much you want to sleep deeply and fully each and every night. You now inform your inner mind how much you want the complete rest and recharge that sleeping gives you. And you tell your inner mind all the consequences of not sleeping… Mental confusion, low energy, physical exhaustion, dangerous lack of attention, emotional crankiness, diminished health, and all the other negatives that you want to leave in the past. Take a moment to send all the negative consequences of not sleeping to your deepest inner mind NOW… (Pause 10 seconds)

Now, fully and completely share with your inner mind precisely what you want. You want to awaken each day after a full night of deep, refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. You want to fall asleep quickly and effortlessly every night. You wish to awaken every day fully recharged in heart, mind, body and spirit. You want to be energetic, in a great mood, mentally at your sharpest and best. You want to sleep deeply and waken physically energetic and healthy. You want to sleep and be recharged on each and every level.  Take another moment and fully show your deep inner mind all the benefits of sleeping fully and soundly every night… (Pause 10 seconds)

Your inner mind now accepts your new goal and lets the old, useless pattern of sleeplessness fade forever into the past. A part of your inner mind monitors my words on this recording, and locks every positive and beneficial idea into your deepest mind where it simply becomes the truth for you. The vast majority of your subconscious mind dives deep inside and reprograms everything inside so that you now sleep easily, deeply and fully each and every night.

Because you wish to awaken every day totally recharged and fully refreshed, you now make a practice of taking 5 deep breaths as you settle into bed. And you relax and move quickly into a wonderful sleep. Throughout your sleep hours, you sleep deeply and peacefully as your body and mind totally refresh themselves. As you take the first deep breath after settling into bed, you silently repeat the magic words: “sleep now” to yourself. And as you breathe out and repeat: “sleep now,” every muscle in your body relaxes, becoming soft and smooth. As you take your second breath, it is deep, but very gentle, like you are breathing now. You repeat your magic words: “sleep now,”  and another, even deeper wave of relaxation fills you. As you repeat: “sleep now,” each subsequent breath is even more deep, and even more rhythmic and gentle. You are relaxed in body and mind. Your magic words: “sleep now,” cause your mind to set aside all worries, stress and tension. Anything truly important will still be there when you wake with lots more energy to deal with them. And all the rest just fade away into nothing.

As you repeat: “sleep now” to yourself with your fifth exhale, you automatically slip into a calm, peaceful and natural sleep. After your fifth exhale, you are so relaxed in body and mind that sleep is the only possible course for your mind and body. You are so relaxed after the fifth repetition of your magical words: “sleep now,” that your conscious mind simply drifts off until it is time to awaken.  You thoroughly enjoy the state of deep, restful sleep. You have pleasant and meaningful dreams. And you awaken totally recharged and refreshed… strong and healthy. Every time you repeat your magic words: “sleep now,” your inner mind totally strengthens and reinforces every good idea on this recording, and totally reinforces your new pattern of deep, effortless, refreshing sleep.

Sleep Now.

If there is an emergency in the night, or if your body has needs, you can trust your powerful inner mind to wake you instantly. And when you have dealt with the emergency, or with your body’s needs, you return to bed and return to sleep within 60 seconds, simply by repeating your five deep breaths and magic words, “sleep now.” Gently inhale deeply, exhale and repeat the words: “sleep now” with each exhale. And by the fifth exhale, your body and conscious mind are so relaxed that sleep is the only possible course.

Your inner mind now accepts the following truths:

Every human body and brain needs sleep, and everyone is born with a natural ability to sleep. Newborn babies can sleep 20 hours a day through anything. Sleep is natural. We have to learn to not sleep. And anything that can be learned can be unlearned and reprogrammed. Your inner mind studies where you learned not to sleep, and now corrects the errors in the mind that lead to not sleeping. If your inner mind needs to heal the past or release fear so that you can sleep normally, your inner mind leads you to heal the past or face and transcend your fears. If you learned not to sleep from other people, your inner mind throws out those worthless lessons and restores you to the natural sleeping pattern you were born with. If there are interfering sounds or light during sleep, your mind now allows you to sleep through them… just like people living near railroad tracks effortlessly sleep through trains passing by. If your sleep has been blocked by worries and concerns, your inner mind creates a shelf for worries and concerns. As you go to bed, your inner mind automatically puts all worries and concerns on the shelf and out of your conscious mind. Any important worries will still be on the shelf for your conscious mind to deal with in the morning, when you are fully recharged. The rest simply fade into nothing as you sleep.

As you sleep, you are blanketed with a protective shield of beautiful, subtle light that has all the colors of the rainbow. As I go through the colors, your inner mind builds this protective shield for you, and you rest every night knowing that you are held in the arms of a loving and creative soul that keeps you safe and well as your mind and body totally recharge themselves.

Red is the light of life and energy, the light of refueling and re-energizing every fiber, cell and tissue of your body… red surrounds you with energy… sleep now.

Orange is the color of connection, healing and rejuvenation… orange light fills your shield, rejuvenating you in every way… sleep now.

The beautiful yellow of choice and will flow over you… filling your shield… you are choosing the path of highest health and good… sleep now.

Green, the color of growth and love… your heart fills with compassion and forgiveness as you sleep… old hurts heal and fade away… sleep now.

The wonderful blue of communication swirls through you and around you… you sleep so deeply, so wonderfully that your communications are twice as meaningful as before… sleep now.

The color of heaven, of infinite mind and thinking, purple, fills your shield and flows through every fiber, cell and tissue, and your thinking is so refreshed and clear… sleep now.

The colors swirl together, over you, around you, through you… merging into the white light of universal good, infinite love… guarding, protecting, sealing you into a deep and refreshing sleep… Now

As the shield of light surrounds you, it locks in and becomes permanent. It is always there when you sleep. Just rest and enjoy your beautiful beach as your inner mind locks your shield into place.

Now it is time to practice. If you want to get up after using this recording, then the next 200 words you hear cause you to gently and slowly rise to the surface knowing that your inner mind is totally reprogramming you to sleep soundly and deeply every night.

If you are using this recording to help you go to sleep, my voice leads you into sleep, and you allow your recorder to simply shut itself off as you drift into sleep… even the sound of the machine turning off causes you to sleep twice as soundly.

Take in a gentle, but deep breath… and as you gently let it out, repeat your magic words: “sleep now” silently inside… as you do your body and mind relax ten times deeper.

Take in a second deep breath… let it go so gently… sleep now… relaxing deeper again

Another deep breath… sleep now… so calm and relaxed

Breathe in…. let it out… sleep now… every breath carries you deeper

In with the air… sleep now… sleep… sleep… sleeping

The recorder takes care of itself, and you sleep, dreaming, sleeping, deeper, sleeping

As your recorder turns itself off, the little click of the machine causes you to sleep even more deeply.

Sleep now… sleep now… sleep now… sleeping now… sleeping now…. Sleeping (Let the volume of your voice fade over the last line, and if you use music, gently fade it to zero over the last 15 seconds. If you want to wake up after using the recording, pause for one minute and then move into the awakening sequence.)

Return to the surface now, knowing that your mind has been totally reprogrammed for deep, full and refreshing sleep every night. The more you listen to this recording, the deeper and more fully you sleep. And every minute of sleep recharges you fully, heart mind and body.

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