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Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Creativity (Writer’s Block) [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Hypnosis Script for Enhancing Creativity (Writer's Block) [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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People ask me all the time if hypnosis can be helpful for enhancing creativity. Many creative people use hypnosis to help them access that part of the mind where creativity exists, to solve writer’s block, overcome obstacles, and increase motivations. It can also help with musical creativity, artistic creativity, and any area of life where motivation and inspiration are necessary.

I have prepared this session as a solution to tapping into the intuitive and creative part of the mind. This process will help you take immediate action on your next project. If you have used hypnosis as a tool before, you already know how effective it can be. If you are new to the creative power of hypnosis, be ready at the conclusion of this session to feel refreshed, enthusiastic, and to immediately begin work on your upcoming project.

The lessons you glean from this session can be used anytime you need to feel centered, focused and refreshed. It can be utilized anytime you need to recharge your creative abilities and tap into all of your senses.

Now, begin by taking a slow, deep breath and scan the body for any places you are storing obvious tension. Let those muscles become loose and limp. Take another deep, slow breath. Breathe all the way in and all the way out. You do not need to try to be hypnotized. It does not matter if you go into trance quickly or slowly and it does not matter if your mind thinks and wanders. After all, this is what minds do. What matters most is that you have decided to take a moment to energize your creativity and this is your first step towards success.

Any outside noises will not disturb you. In fact, if you hear noises from outside, or even in the room around you, they will reassure you of your surroundings and help you to relax even further.



Indirect Suggestion

In a moment, I am going to give you some direct hypnotic suggestions. These are not suggestions that come from me. Rather, they are suggestions that you have asked me to make by coming here today.

For now, as you relax, I am going to tell you a short story about creativity. Everyone thought the adhesive that Spencer Silver developed at 3M was a failure. It lacked the right molecular structure to be a glue and he was unable to find a good use for it. One of his colleagues, Art Fry, sang each Sunday in the church choir. One Sunday, as he searched for a page in the hymnal he had marked with a scrap of paper that kept falling out, Mr. Fry had an idea. He recalled the adhesive developed by his colleague that wasn’t quite sticky enough to be glue, but was just sticky enough to become the adhesive on what would become Post-It Notes.

What I love about this story is that it shows how creativity often emerges from frustration and that even while focused on something as mundane as a Sunday hymn, great ideas can be born. Many awesome ideas have sprung from the minds of those who felt either blocked or distracted at the moment of creativity. The Post-It Note, now sold in over one hundred countries, is proof of this. Hearing a story like this is often inspirational and many people who learn how a simple frustration can yield big results become enthusiastic. It is wonderful to realize how breakthroughs of creativity can come about, even in the most unique situations.

As you breathe slowly, smoothly, and rhythmically, allow your mind and body to continue to relax. With each number and word you hear, access an even greater reservoir of creativity. Five, create…

Four, ideas…

Three, breakthrough…

Two, inspiration…

One, enter a state of creativity, coupled with serene peace…

Enter a place where the subconscious mind can tap into the inner creative potential and allow you to succeed. Perfect.

These direct suggestions are strategies for going forward from this session with not only a surge in creativity, but the ability to put your new ideas into action. At the end of this session, your creative energy level will be fully charged. You will find, without even trying, an expanded ability for putting your ideas, feelings, and desires into words, artwork, or music. Hypnosis is a creative process and by following these instructions, you have been able to utilize and empower the creative spirit within.

In the past, you may have felt that you were out of ideas or out of creativity. However, today you have proven to yourself the incompleteness of these thoughts. This is because you are able to recognize that these incomplete thoughts can be completed. Just as easily as you can sit in this chair, you will also find that when you emerge from this state, you are ready to take immediate action on completing any tasks that require your focus or attention.

Now, feel any blocks to creativity or actions that exist in your mind and body. Let any known or unknown blocks lift through you as if a weight has risen from your being or as if lightness has lifted your spirit to new levels of success. It feels wonderful to capture this feeling. This resource state of creativity can be tapped in to at any time, with or without hypnosis. You can always recreate this moment of power by simply taking a moment to realize that this inner resource has always existed within you and always does.

Focus on your breathing that has become slow, smooth, and rhythmic. Notice that your heartbeat is calm and regular. Notice that with each breath, it is as if you are inhaling creative energy and exhaling success. With the next breath, focus on the visions of creativity within your mind. See yourself as you know you are, and as you will be; experiencing creativity and having been successful at overcoming any blocks, known or unknown, that you are now giving up and letting go.

Take a moment to look at yourself in a state of creativity. This is what you look like at your creative prime. As you exhale, breathing smoothly and rhythmically, notice that it feels wonderful to see yourself as you know you will be. You are and will continue to be successful, powerful, creative, and energetic. Now, breathe in again. This time, focus on the sounds of success.

Hear others congratulating you on a finished project, writing, or composition. But most importantly, hear your own inner voice congratulating you on success and realize that the same inner voice you are hearing now can provide you with answers to your creative needs. This voice is speaking to your spirit and soul. It can easily be translated into pen, brush, string, or anyway that you enjoy expressing your creative voice.

As you exhale, relax even deeper and begin to focus on the feeling of creativity. Inhale again, breathing in the feeling of success and creativity. Ask yourself, what does it feel like to be creative and in a state of accomplishment, having overcome known and unknown blocks? This is the state, the feeling, that you have the ability to recreate at anytime you need inspiration. If in a day or two, a week, or a year or more from now, you need to recreate this wonderful feeling, just take a moment to breathe deeply and recreate this magnificent state. Perfect. As you exhale, feel the need for immediate creativity and become ready to take action. Realize that in a few moments, you will be able to emerge from this brief respite to take action on your ideas and thoughts. Perfect.

Each time you have self doubt, think of the many times you have used creativity in the past, including this session. Replace the old idea or misbelieve that you are stuck, with the truth.

The truth is that the intuitive and creative nature which lies within you is easy to tap into, by simply choosing to pay attention to it.

As you realize that overcoming any creative blocks is as simple as the design of a Post-It Note, you will be reminded of your own creative nature, each time you see a sticky note. You may even want to post some notes, with or without messages related to your abilities, in places you will frequently see them. Places like the bathroom mirror, above your desk, around the house, or even in your car, are good choices. This way, you can be sure that you will see inspirational reminders, every day. Anytime you see a Post-It note, even one written on by someone else, you will be reminded of your own creativity and ability. It will bring a sense of success and energy to the conscious mind.

Each day for the next two weeks, you can improve this process of enhancing creativity by taking a moment to recharge your creative mind and energize your body. In doing so, you will internalize the skills for enhancing creativity and you will find that answers intuitively appear for any creative dilemma you face. Take a moment, as you prepare to take action to harness this feeling you have created here for yourself.

Enjoy another moment or two of peace and serenity. You will find it as easy to focus on your work as it is to focus in this session. Perfect. Now, feel the floor below your feet and sense the air in the room around you. Notice the feeling of energy each breath brings as you realize a creative force exits within you that is now prepared for action. Keep the eyes closed for now, as you begin to slowly stretch any muscles that need to be stretched. With each breath, feel oxygen flowing to each and every cell in the body as you prepare to emerge into a state of action.

As I count from one to three, with each number you become more refreshed and awake.

One, feeling empowered…

Two, recognizing the creativity within you…

Three, open the eyes and feel ready to act…

You have had the wonderful experience of renewing the mind, body, and spirit.

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