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Free Ericksonian Style Hypnosis Induction Script: Footprints in the Sand [PDF]

Original price was: $5.94.Current price is: $2.97.

Free Ericksonian Style Hypnosis Induction Script: Footprints in the Sand [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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This induction is particularly good for clients with strong Christian beliefs. They will recognize the story, and find it a very comforting way to focus the mind and relax. It is a very good induction to use when low self-esteem is part of the underlying problem, because of its message of being cherished by God is a powerful anodyne for self-hatred. I use it both as an induction and as a healing metaphor. The story can be adapted for almost any religion. Instead of telling a story about Jesus walking with a person on a beach, it can be modified to be about the Buddha helping one cross the mountains, or about Mohammed accompanying one on a pilgrimage across the desert. For a recording, modify it to fit your spiritual and religious beliefs. My guess is that other hypnotists have used this induction, but I developed it independently from the anonymous story, Footprints in the Sand. It is written here as if the client were a young girl. Change the words to fit if you are older or male.

Begin by closing your eyes and listen to this wonderful story which is so close to your heart. Because you are relaxing so deeply, you never listen to this story while driving or operating machinery.

That’s good…now just settle back in the chair and get really comfortable… Settle in and sink into the chair. You have heard this story before, and as you begin to recognize it, the sound of my voice telling the story causes you to relax deeply and quickly. And even if this is the first time you have heard the story, just following along with my voice is so comforting and so relaxing…

The story is about a girl (or boy, or man or woman, depending on you) who lived on a beach, and spent her (his) whole, long, healthy life walking down that beach, leaving footprints in the sand behind her (him). And as you hear the words “footprints in the sand” you recognize the story and feel yourself relaxing so fast because it is such a beautiful story.

The girl walked down that beach on sunny days and cloudy days, through storms and perfect weather, through the fog and through the moonlight, always leaving footprints in the soft beach sand as she walked. Sometimes the breakers purred and sometimes they roared and thundered, but she kept walking down the beach leaving footprints to mark her journey.

One day, after a long hard walk, she noticed that the beach ahead of her was clear and empty… there were no footprints in front of her… But when she  looked back, she saw to her incredible surprise that there were two sets of footprints stretching behind her down the beach… just imagine what it is like to look behind you and see two sets of footprints where you expected only one, and let yourself relax even more… (Pause)

So, looking into that place she had never really looked before, she saw that right along side her, matching her step for step all the long way down the beach, was Jesus, the master, walking with her stride for stride…

And she felt a deep wave of comfort and peace come over her because she realized that when the Lord said: “I am with you always,” he really meant it. And looking deeply into the Lord’s eyes, she felt a love that she had never felt before… and she knew she could trust Him to help her with anything… And you are relaxing now so deeply and sinking into infinite love…

And looking back over her journey, she noticed that there were places on the beach where there were only one set of footprints… All those times she had felt hopeless, powerless, sick, enraged, afraid, overwhelmed or lost… in all those times, there was only one set of footprints in the sand.

Turning to Jesus, she asked: “Lord why, in all those times when I was afraid, enraged, lost, or hopeless, in all those times when I was sick and felt powerless, why did you leave me alone in those times?”

And Jesus, holding her hand gently, replied: “beloved daughter, beloved friend, in those times when you were most hopeless, afraid, lost or enraged, in those times when you were most sick or powerless, in those times, I did not leave you… In those times I carried you.…”

And as the words “I carried you” echo through your heart and mind, you feel so peaceful and calm and every breath relaxes you more… just rest on that wonderful beach in your mind and let a healing peace fill you.

And there is a secret about this story you didn’t know… even though you have heard the story before, and that secret is that the story is about you… YOU are the girl on that beach, walking always and forever side by side with the Lord, and He is always there for you when you relax and visit this beautiful beach within… relaxing so deeply now, into the peace beyond understanding…

Now just rest deeply and know that God’s plan for you calls for perfect health, (or your specific goal) and that as we work, the Lord is always there, to carry you whenever you need help. Know deeply that your heart, mind and soul are open to receive the grace of inner healing (or powerful change). And the more your mind visits your beautiful beach, the more quickly and deeply you return to full and radiant health (or your specific goals). Just sleep now in the peace of the Lord…

Every breath you breathe causes all the good ideas for healing and change to take root and grow in your mind, as beautiful as the lilies of the field. And every breath you breathe causes you to relax more deeply and feel the divine love that is always with you.

Sleep now, in the arms of the Lord… At peace and at rest… Changing and healing…. So calm, so relaxed and so refreshed.

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