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Free 30 Minute Yoga Nidra Script for Love & Compassion [PDF]

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30 Minute Yoga Nidra Script for Love & Compassion
Free 30 Minute Yoga Nidra Script for Love & Compassion [PDF] $7.94 Original price was: $7.94.$3.97Current price is: $3.97.
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Preparation and Settling In

It’s time for Yoga Nidra. Please settle yourself in comfortably, lying fully supported in savasana and using props to your advantage. Comfort is key to prevent physical distractions right from the start. 

To enable you to be as still as possible, you may like a thin pillow under your head or to support your neck, an eye pillow, a firm cushion or blanket under your knees or thighs, and something to cover up with to stay warm. Know that you can make personal, mindful adjustments as needed. Vaguely hearing what’s going on is common, especially when you’re engaged with the Yoga Nidra experience. 

Even still, use my voice as an anchor to the present moment. Feel free to go along with as much or as little as you like. 

Please take a minute for adding your own reminders in support of having a good experience and to remind yourself to listen, participate, stay alert, and accept what happens. 

(Pause about 10 seconds.)

Let’s begin. Take a big breath in through your nose and sigh it out … Next, with eyes closed, start lifting and lowering your eyebrows several times … and allow them to rest in stillness … 

Begin moving your jaw all around, releasing lots of tension … Rest your jaw, feeling tightness and tension draining away, perhaps feeling a softness all around your jaw and mouth … 

Begin rolling your head from side to side … and bringing it back to the center. Have your nose, chest, and navel in a straight line. Feel free to have your chin tucked slightly to open up airflow … 

Take a big breath in and sigh it out … You can take several sighing breaths on your own.


Scoot your shoulders down from your ears and snuggle your shoulder blades nicely underneath for comfort … Place your arms beside you and a comfortable distance away from your body … To relax your hands, stretch your fingers all about … open and close them a few times … For now, allow your fingers to rest comfortably with your palms up.

Start noticing your low back … Adjust under there until it feels more stable and even … Begin wiggling your toes … and rest … Have your feet a comfortable distance apart or have them on the floor with your knees up or propped … Scan your body, picking up on what’s happening … and make your own adjustments for even more comfort and ease. 


Heartfelt Pledge

It’s time for your heartfelt pledge—a wise intention that comes from deep inside that warms your heart for developing a positive quality like confidence or loving kindness, or for changing a behavior, supporting spirituality, or reflecting something that gives meaning and purpose to your life’s direction—your sankalpa. 

Consistency pays off, so use the one that you’ve established, giving it time to take root, grow, and thrive. If you have one, repeat yours silently about three times, with heartfelt conviction.

Otherwise, this could be the time to formulate one. Let one come to you.

There’s no pressure. When it does, keep it positive, clear, brief, and sincere.

Say it to yourself in the present tense as if it’s already happened. 


Sense what it’d be like if your heartfelt pledge were already happening.

Exploring how it would look … what it would feel like … and the type of actions or behaviors involved … using your imagination to get into it.


Take a big breath in and sigh it out, letting it all go. 


If you’d like to make any adjustments for more comfort, feel free to do it now. 


Please remind yourself to stay aware and alert instead of sleeping.

MindBody Sensing with Rotation of Consciousness

Let’s take an awareness tour throughout your body. Simply follow along, flowing as we go. If it helps, it’s fine to picture these places, experience physical sensations, or have a concept of it, going with whatever comes easiest. You may silently repeat each location to yourself as you mentally follow along for experiencing the flowing of energy. There’s no need for any movements. In fact, it’s better if you can stay still. If your attention wanders needlessly, just pick back up wherever we are.

Taking your attention down to your right foot … and noticing your big toe … second toe … third toe … fourth toe … and baby toe … Sensing the top of the foot … bottom of the foot … heel … ankle … calf … knee … thigh … hip … Going up the side of the body to the armpit … shoulder … elbow … wrist … the thumb … index finger … middle finger … ring finger … and little finger … back of the hand … palm … 

And now the whole hand … whole arm … whole shoulder … whole right side … whole hip … whole leg … and the whole right foot.

And over to the left foot … the big toe … second toe … third toe … fourth toe … and baby toe … Top of the foot … bottom of the foot … heel … ankle … calf … knee … thigh … hip … Going up the side of the body to the armpit … shoulder … elbow … wrist … the thumb … index finger … middle finger … ring finger … and little finger … back of hand … palm … Now the whole hand … whole arm … whole shoulder … whole left side … whole hip … whole leg … and the whole left foot.

Noticing both feet … both legs … the base of the spine … low back … mid-back … upper back … neck … back of the head … top of the head … the fore-head … right eyebrow … left eyebrow … space between the eyebrows … right eyelid … left eyelid … right eyeball … left eyeball … both eyes, sensing both eyes … and the line between the eyelids, where the eyelids touch. 


The bridge of nose … tip of the nose … upper lip … lower lip … moisten your lips if you like … Jaw … Right ear … over the top of the head to the left ear … and inside the head between the ears, the inside center point between the ears … Inside the mouth … roof of the mouth … bottom of the mouth … inside cheeks … and sensing your tongue and where it is … perhaps using your tongue to tickle the roof of your mouth or run it around in there … and allowing the tongue to softly hover in there, quietly … and sensing the moisture, feeling the moisture inside the mouth … 

Feel free to swallow or clear your throat if you wish … settling further into comfort and ease … Noticing the throat … base of the throat between the collarbones … Sensing, getting in touch with the heart … the upper abdomen … navel … lower abdomen … base of the spine.

And the whole back side … including the heels, head, hands … and being in touch with all the contact points where the back of your body touches the surface supporting you … and noticing how the surface totally supports you … And all the contact points at once … And the whole front side … and the space around your front side … and now both sides, front and back as one … 

And noticing the head … face … brain … and the head, face, and brain, all as one … Sensing and noticing the whole self, the entire self … and inside your whole self … Sensing into the space surrounding your whole self … And sensing both inside and around your whole self … your whole self … your whole self as oneness. 

(Pause about 10 seconds.)

Sohum Mantra Breathing

Readjust for comfort, if needed, so you’re nice and comfortable … And settling in even better, remembering to stay aware and alert while noticing your entire experience …

Turning your attention to your breathing for a while … Leave it be. There’s no need to fix or change it. 


Feel free to rest your attention around the home of your heart while you’re breathing … as if your heart is breathing … being centered with your heart … at home with your heart.


Now, begin using “sohum” as a mantra. Use it as a relaxing lullaby and for staying awake with awareness. Here’s how. Each time you inhale, silently say, “so.” Each time you exhale, silently say, “hum.” That’s it.

Repeating “so” when breathing in and “hum” when breathing out. As soon as you notice your mind has wandered, kindly and gently turn your attention back to breathing with “sohum.” 

(Pause about 1 minute.)

Continuing on, you may simply listen to your breath, noticing how the inhalation naturally sounds like “so” on its own and how the exhalation sounds like “hum.” Practicing awareness without words. Whenever it helps, feel free to silently say “sohum.” 

(Pause about 1 minute.)

Inner Eye Gazing (Chidakasha)

Allowing your tongue to soften, hovering in the mouth, and simultaneously having your breathing heart-centered … Start focusing attention on your eyes, becoming aware of your eyes, cradled, and resting in their sockets … If you’d like to go deeper, become aware of the eyelids touching and covering your eyes, like eyeshades. 

Even though your eyes are closed, you can still see. Start focusing your inner vision, watching whatever appears on the inside shade of your eyelids. It might appear dark, there may be some color, perhaps some shapes, coming and going … It doesn’t matter what’s there—what matters is watching whatever comes and goes … There’s no need for making comments about it, refocusing whenever distractions happen … Let your eyes rest even more now and become quiet, yet still watching the inner space … simply looking and softly gazing and watching in stillness. 

(Pause about 1 minute.)

Intuitive Knowing with Heart-Centered Imagery

And having your attention with your heart center and your breathing … Quiet eyes … Soft tongue … Feeling heart-centered, more and more.

Take your attention to whatever you’re experiencing now. Perhaps it’s a sense of inner peace, of truth, of delight, of deep satisfaction, and allowing its Presence. 


If it helps, remember a time when your heart felt full. Free. Perhaps you were in nature, mesmerized by a beautiful sunset. Perhaps having a good time with others, laughing and loving. Or maybe cuddling with a pet.

Bringing something alive, real or imagined, that touches your heart …

Sensing it by having a concept of what it looked like … how it felt … sounded, tasted, and smelled … Embellishing this heartfelt feeling, however you like, bringing it alive … and feeling what it was like all over again. The physical  feelings … the emotional feelings … all the heartfelt feelings …

And, if you like, let the memory fade away … not having to rely on anything else for heartfelt awareness of contentment, joyfulness, and ease.

Being in touch with this constant, unconditional inner joy that is already yours, always. 


And it’s a portal to your heart, deeply knowing your heart as loving and lovable. 

(Pause about 10 seconds.) 

Centered with your heart … quiet eyes … soft tongue … heart-centered … And your heart is like an antenna, transmitting qualities of the heart, capable of giving and receiving genuine, heartfelt love. 


And listening with your heart for guidance. 

(Pause about 1 minute.)

True Nature Awareness

And letting all this fade away into blissful, timeless, spacious awareness of unconditional love, peace, joy, and Presence. 

(Pause 2–4 minutes.)

Heartfelt Pledge

It’s time to transition, flowing into remembering your heartfelt pledge.

Bringing your sankalpa back to mind to repeat three or so times with feeling, and from your heart, allowing it to sink in deeply and meaningfully.


Imagine how it would be if it were already so. 

(Pause about 15 seconds.)

And so it is … Take a big breath in … and sigh it out.

Reawakening and Closing

It’s time to start coming back with full awareness and wakefulness, and to bring back with you all the benefits of Yoga Nidra to benefit yourself as well as others.

Become aware of your breathing, following its coming and going.

Listening to its sounds of “so” upon inhalation and “hum” upon exhalation … It’s good to breathe more fully for a while, allowing the deeper breath to bring about awakening … experiencing mental clarity, like a brilliant sunrise … 

Now you’re becoming more aware of the whole body, simply being here, experiencing peaceful, comforting, and joyful energy. 


Becoming awake and aware of this time and place … You’re becoming very clear-headed and so wide awake and noticing the feeling of being totally relaxed and refreshed.

Become increasingly more aware of your Presence in these surroundings, of belonging … Sensing what’s above … what’s all around … and sensing what’s below … Getting a direct experience of being present in this room, here and now.

When you’re ready, begin moving your body, stretching it however you wish. 

(Pause for stretching.) 

It’s time to get ready to roll over onto your side … Okay now, roll over and curl up for a while and eventually sit in a comfortable position. 


Rest your hands on your lap. Touch the tips of your thumbs and index fingers together. Soak it in. 


When you’re ready, blink your eyes open, blending the inner and outer worlds together as one … Inhale deeply and let it go … Notice whatever you notice. 


Remembering to follow your heart’s truth and its guidance for living a life of meaning and purpose. Sohum breathing can be used anytime you like.

Peace, peace, peace. (Om shanti, shanti, shanti.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use them to lead sessions for individuals or groups, record audio and video versions to share online or sell, or even create your own courses. And if you prefer to keep things private, they’re perfect for your personal practice too. Just remember: these PDF files are for your use only and cannot be resold or rebranded without permission.

Of course! Feel free to customize the language and make it your own so you can confidently guide others in a way that feels natural to you. Just remember, don’t resell the PDF files as they are or with your own branding.

Our scripts can range in length from just 5 minutes to a maximum of 45-60 minutes, depending on the script you purchase and how much silence you’d like in between sections. We believe in giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Our scripts are available in a beautifully designed and easy-to-read format as separate PDF files. They are hassle-free to follow and understand. You are absolutely free to record audio or videos using the scripts and monetize them. Let your creativity soar!

Good news, you won’t have to wait for anything in the mail. Our Scripts are completely digital, so as soon as you order, everything can be downloaded right from the internet! And the best part? Instant online access to the Scripts is all yours. No delays, no fuss.

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After you finish downloading, head to the ZIP file on your computer. Simply right-click (or control-click for Mac users) on the file. A menu should appear with options like Extract, Extract All, or Unzip. If none of these options are visible, consider downloading a free program that can unpack ZIP files such as WinRAR or 7Zip. Choose one of the menu options, and follow the instructions that appear. This should create a new folder containing the contents of the ZIP file. Easy peasy!