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Stop Dipping/Chewing Tobacco: Age Regression




Transitional Suggestion

With the conscious mind, you may hear each and every word that I use or you may only hear every third or fifth word. It doesn’t matter what your level of trance is. What matters is that you follow the process that I suggest and simply let go.

Skill Building Suggestion

Create a vision of a peaceful place in your mind. It could be a place you have been to before, a place you would like to go, or a place of your own creation. Now, take a deep breath. Each time you breathe deeply, your mind and your body will respond by creating a sense of calming relaxation, as you drift and float, dreamily at peace.

Unconscious Programming

As a child matures, they put away old behaviors and begin new patterns of action. Each stage of life is a period of growth and change. It is remarkable how natural change is in each stage of life. Today marks a new chapter in your life, bringing in new behaviors and actions. Some people have said that habits are hard to break, but you know from your life experiences that the opposite is true. As you have grown, you have put childish behaviors away and moved onto new actions and decisions many times.

The decision you have made to quit dipping tobacco is really a decision to start a new chapter of life; one with new actions based on the mature desire to care for yourself. Today is the first paragraph of your new chapter. It is a chapter free from tobacco and filled with the personal satisfaction of moving forward in life.

Transitional Deepener

Simply allow yourself to go deeper, doubling the sensation of relaxation with each number. Five, four, three, two, one.

Parallel Suggestions

As of this moment, you no longer derive your energy from nicotine, but rather from deep oxygen-filled breath that energizes the body in the morning and helps you to focus and concentrate.

From this point forward, your response to stress will be to recognize your innate ability to make choices and mange priorities. By trusting your instinct and stepping back from any stressful situation without chemicals in your body, you can easily accomplish this.

You now find it easy to replace any perceived need for oral fixation by simply taking a deep breath through your mouth, allowing yourself to feel the cool air flow between your lips. You can also chew a piece of sugar-free gum or simply let go of any cravings, being content to experience something new.

In this new chapter of life, you find new ways of identifying your masculinity apart from rituals like dipping. Instead, you prefer to have a strong body that is free from poisons and able to overcome those who once enslaved you with a drug.

Nicotine withdrawal is an easy process for you. Over the next 72 hours, nicotine will leave your body rapidly and you will flush this nicotine out with eight to twelve glasses or bottles of water each day. You recognize that each sip of pure water flushes out the old toxins, replacing them with powerful life energy.

Transitional Deepener

Go even deeper. Good. Allow yourself to take another moment to relax the mind and body. You may find that you sense the feeling of transition, perhaps moving to a deeper level of hypnosis at some points or higher levels of alertness at other points. This is normal and a part of the process. You can allow yourself to drift, float, dream, and relax easily at this point, or you can simply listen to the words you hear.

Manifestation of Phenomena

Think back to a time when you were young, a time before you ever had your first dip or chew. It may have been a long time ago, perhaps even age twelve, or ten, or even eight. But there was a point in life before you ever had a first dip. Now, imagine yourself in a movie theatre watching a movie of yourself at the point of life before you ever dipped. Watch yourself doing some of the things that you most enjoying doing at that point in life, such as playing with the kids in the neighborhood, or playing on a sports team.

Now, imagine that you are watching a movie of your happy life experiences, but instead of ever dipping, you simply never have that first dip. You go through your childhood, your teen years, and even your early twenties never having dipped or chewed tobacco.

It is odd how you can create an image of such a movie, but you can. You can see yourself in various life situations such as driving, working, being in relationships, and experiencing your life as if you had never dipped. In fact, you can even watch that movie of you having never dipped, all the way to the point where you are now, listening to this session. The mind is a miraculous machine and as you are able to create the image of this tobacco-free movie, you are able to create this as truth in your life in the present. So, you will find it easy to no longer associate driving, working, playing sports, or engaging in other activities with dipping, because from this point forward, your mind simply fails to recall these associations. It is as if you have never dipped in the first place. When others around you dip, chew, or even smoke, it will not be a cue to use tobacco.

You will find it easy to resist any social pressure to use tobacco because it will feel as if you have never used tobacco in the past. You will not feel anger or be irritated by others’ use of tobacco. You will simply respond with ambivalence because using tobacco is something you no longer relate to because your life experiences are like those of this movie you have watched. It is a life experience that certainly does not include tobacco now, nor ever has.

Anchoring Suggestion

From this point forward, every time you hear a phone ring, it will be a reminder to you of your power, internal resources, and your ability to continue to act on your decision to be tobacco-free. It can be a house phone, a cell phone, a work phone, or even somebody else’s phone. However, each time you hear a phone ring, you will sense a moment of peace that reminds you that you are a person who has made healthy choices and moved forward in life.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Over the next week, you will listen to this hypnosis session each day, relaxing the body and the mind. You will find it easier, each time you listen, to experience a deeper state of relaxation.


Throughout the rest of the day, you will feel an internal peace in entering this new phase of life by acting on the suggestions that have been made and feeling energized by your healthy choices.

Stop Dipping/Chewing Tobacco: Identity Strength




Transitional Suggestion

Now you are relaxed. Perhaps you are in a deep state of relaxation or have simply slowed your mind. Either experience is fine.

Skill Building Suggestion

As you continue to relax, I want you to become aware of your hands. With your left or your right hand, which ever hand is more comfortable for you, touch the tip of your pointer finger to the tip of your thumb, making an “okay” sign. Very good. Now, as you relax, allow all of the other muscles of the body to be loose and limp and allow yourself to feel positive and successful about the change your are making. Press those two “okay” fingers together tightly and hold that tension for a moment. Now, relax your entire hand and allow your fingers to separate and your hand to fall back into a relaxing position. Anytime that you experience any type of craving or desire for old patterns of behavior, simply press those two fingers together. That moment will return you to this point of decision, success, serenity, and any craving or desire for tobacco will simply melt away.

Unconscious Programming

Satisfaction can come through many actions or experiences and your subconscious mind knows that what is most satisfying is to have the autonomy and power of acting without the control of another person or an advertizing campaign. It is easy for you to live life happily and cope without products that destroy your health. In fact, you find it easier to cope with a mouth that is free from sores or pain and the anxiety that old behaviors have caused.

Transitional Deepener

Allow your mind to drift, dream, relax, and learn. Allow each muscle to relax the tension of the day and experience physical and mental relaxation, trance, or hypnosis. Good. You may be listening to each word, feeling attentive as you relax. Or, perhaps you are letting the words I use simply float and drift along with your mind. Again, either experience is fine.

Parallel Suggestions

You have made the decision to be tobacco free and at this point, all of your actions will easily be consistent with this decision. It is easy to see yourself free from the paralyzing images of manliness or masculinity sold by the tobacco companies. You are now an agent of free will, no longer dependent on the products they have sold you. Your identity from this point forward is a new one of confidence and success. It exists apart from corporate images or the accoutrements of tobacco companies. The possessions and symbols that you once held as important such as logos, gifts, or even marks on your clothing from tobacco products, are no longer important to you.

You no longer want to be seen by your family, friends, or even competitors as a tobacco user. Rather, you want to be seen as a successful person. And, you will be successful because of your own strengths and abilities to discard old patterns and move forward. You will find that caring for yourself, your teeth, and your body, becomes a natural part of your life. You now view old tobacco-using behaviors as self-destructive, preferring now to value your body, care for your teeth, and restore your health.

Over the next few days, you will increase your water consumption and your physical activity. You will take more steps today than yesterday, more steps tomorrow than today, and increase your activity each day. This, in turn, will help you to release tension, stress, or cravings. With each step, your health will increase and you will find it easier and easier to succeed at achieving your goals.

Transitional Deepener

Go even deeper. Good. Allow yourself to take another moment to relax the mind and body. You may find that you sense the feeling of transition, perhaps moving to a deeper level of hypnosis at some points, or higher levels of alertness at other points. This is normal and a part of the process. You can allow yourself to drift, float, dream, and relax easily at this point, or you can simply listen to the words you hear and act on each suggestion that is made.

Manifestation of phenomena

As you relax, you may be asking yourself why I am even talking about old patterns such as dipping or chewing. This is because that after any change is made, new patterns are established and old patterns are forgotten. You have already become a non-tobacco user. That new identity was established when you took your last dip, committed to this hypnosis session, and cleaned out the temptations that may have been around your house or car. As you have already begun this new chapter of life by being a non-user of tobacco, you will simply fail to recall your old patterns of behavior or old associations with tobacco. It is quite possible for the mind to simply not recall your prior actions and to easily move forward as a person who does not use tobacco in any form.

Anchoring Suggestion

From this point forward, every time you see the color green it will be a reminder to you of your power, internal resources, and ability to continue to act on your decision to be tobacco-free. It could be light green, dark green, or medium green. It could be green like green leaves on the trees, the green of paper money, or green vegetables in a salad. You may notice the color green on a billboard, on television, or on the green in your clothing. However, each time you see the color green, you will sense a moment of peace, confidence, and be reminded that you are a person who makes healthy choices and has moved forward in life as a non-tobacco user.

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Throughout the rest of the day, you will feel an internal peace in entering this new phase of life by acting on the suggestions that have been made and feeling energized by your healthy choices. Each day for the next twenty-one days, you will listen to the CD provided to you at the end of this session. When you do, it will be easy for you to relax and enter a state of hypnosis or learning. Each time you listen, you will feel more and more satisfied apart from dipping or chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes. You will more easily and happily cope with your tobacco freedom by doing something positive for yourself such as exercising, eating nutritious foods, or other healthy activities. You will develop your identity of success and power due to your ability to triumph over old patterns and to establish new, healthy habits.


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