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46 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Discover 46 powerful affirmations to calm anxiety and bring you sustained solace every day. As someone who has experienced anxiety firsthand, I understand how valuable supportive words can be. Allow these affirmations to lift you up and help ease your worries.

  1. I’m aware of my breathing. I’m aware of the air going in and out of my body.
  2. I’m aware of my body. I’m aware of my heart rhythm.
  3. I’m aware of my fears and anxiety.
  4. I’m aware of the discomfort I feel.
  5. I’m aware of the negative thoughts that make me feel anxious.
  6. Now, I’m slowly calming my mind.
  7. I’m calming my anxiety.
  8. I’m relaxing my body and slowing down my thoughts.
  9. I’m letting go of negative thoughts.
  10. I’m letting go of fears and concerns.
  11. Each moment, I’m finding more peace.
  12. I am safe.
  13. Being aware of my breathing, I’m letting go of everything I don’t need anymore.
  14. I inhale serenity.
  15. Everything happens when the time is right.
  16. Whatever I need comes to me.
  17. Whatever I should know, reveals to me.
  18. I am calm and relaxed.
  19. I am in peace with the world.
  20. I am in peace with life.
  21. The world is a safe place for me.
  22. I am powerful.
  23. I am strong.
  24. I am present and grounded.
  25. I am in perfect balance.
  26. I inhale calmness.
  27. I exhale peace.
  28. I am safe and secure.
  29. I give myself permission to be in peace.
  30. I am well.
  31. Things are getting better and better every day.
  32. I expect great things to happen.
  33. I accept my anxiety.
  34. My anxiety is just trying to protect me.
  35. I am safe now, and I am letting you go.
  36. I accept all of my emotions and allow myself to experience them.
  37. My emotions don’t define me. I can watch them while remaining calm.
  38. I’m healing all the time.
  39. My body and mind are in a healthy harmony.
  40. I allow myself to be in peace.
  41. I feel born again.
  42. I feel wellness in the whole body, in each cell of my body.
  43. I am full of energy.
  44. I allow myself to rest in this comfort and peace.
  45. I enjoy this tranquility and gentleness.
  46. I enjoy being in this completely relaxed state, free from anxiety.

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