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Printable Mindfulness Worksheet & Exercises for Qigong [PDF]

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Printable Mindfulness Worksheet & Exercises for Qigong [PDF]
Printable Mindfulness Worksheet & Exercises for Qigong [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Introduction to Mindfulness and Qigong

Mindfulness in Qigong involves being fully present and engaged with every movement and breath, connecting your body, mind, and spirit. This guide will help you integrate mindfulness into your Qigong practice, enhancing its benefits and deepening your connection to this ancient healing art.

Benefits of Mindfulness in Qigong

Enhanced Connection

Mindfulness helps you tune into your body’s movements, breath, and energy flow, deepening your Qigong practice.

Stress Reduction

By focusing on the present moment, mindfulness in Qigong can significantly reduce stress and promote a sense of peace.

Improved Focus

Practicing mindfulness during Qigong can enhance your concentration, benefiting both your practice and daily life activities.

Increased Energy Flow

Mindful Qigong practice can help unblock and promote the flow of Qi (energy), improving your overall health and vitality.

Mindfulness Exercises for Qigong

Beginning with Intention

Before starting your Qigong exercises, take a moment to set an intention. Focus on what you wish to achieve or how you want to feel, grounding yourself in the present.

Mindful Breathing

As you perform your Qigong movements, pay close attention to your breathing. Notice the sensations of air entering and leaving your body, and how your breath coordinates with your movements.

Body Awareness

During your Qigong practice, be acutely aware of your body’s movements and sensations. Notice the flow of energy and any areas of tension or ease. If your mind drifts, gently bring your focus back to your body.

Engaging the Senses

Incorporate all your senses into your Qigong practice. Notice the sounds around you, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, and the air on your skin. This can help deepen your mindfulness and connection to the moment.

Ending with Gratitude

Conclude your Qigong session by expressing gratitude toward yourself for taking the time to practice, and acknowledge the energy and peace you’ve cultivated.

Practical Tips for Mindful Qigong Practice

Consistent Practice

Regularly integrate mindfulness into your Qigong to deepen the connection with your practice and enhance its benefits.

Create a Conducive Environment

Practice in a quiet, clean, and pleasant space where you can be free from distractions, enhancing your ability to focus and be present.

Be Patient

Developing mindfulness takes time. Be kind to yourself if your mind wanders, and gently refocus on your practice.

Use Guided Practices

If you’re new to mindfulness or Qigong, consider using guided practices or attending classes to help structure your practice and learn how to maintain focus.

Reflect Post-Practice

After your Qigong session, take a few moments to reflect on your practice, noting any insights or changes in how you feel physically and mentally.


Integrating mindfulness into your Qigong practice can transform it into a more profound and healing experience. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, so embrace each moment with kindness and curiosity. Enjoy your mindful Qigong journey!

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