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Printable Mindfulness Exercises & Worksheet for Anxiety Relief [PDF]

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Printable Mindfulness Exercises & Worksheet for Anxiety Relief [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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This worksheet is designed to help you manage feelings of anxiety through mindfulness practices. By focusing on the present moment and becoming more aware of your thoughts and body sensations, you can gain a sense of calm and control over your anxious feelings. Remember, practicing mindfulness is a skill that improves with regular practice. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you work through these exercises.


Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit or lie down without being disturbed. Keep a notebook or journal and a pen nearby for reflections. Allow yourself about 20-30 minutes to complete this worksheet.

Exercise 1: Grounding with Five Senses

This exercise helps you ground yourself in the present moment, which can be particularly helpful during moments of high anxiety.

1. Sight: Look around and name 5 things you can see. Try to pick items you normally wouldn’t notice.

2. Touch: Notice 4 things you can feel. This could be the texture of your clothing, the air on your skin, or the surface you’re sitting on.

3. Hearing: Close your eyes and identify 3 sounds you can hear. Listen for sounds inside and outside of the room.

4. Smell: Identify 2 things you can smell. If you can’t immediately smell anything, walk to find a scent or imagine your favorite smells.

5. Taste: Name 1 thing you can taste. This can be the aftertaste of a meal, a sip of water, or even the taste of your mouth.

Reflection: How do you feel now compared to before the exercise? Write down any changes in your anxiety level or overall mood.

Exercise 2: Breathing for Anxiety Relief

Breathing exercises can help calm your mind and reduce anxiety. Let’s practice a simple yet effective breathing technique.

1. Find a Comfortable Position: Sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes if it feels right for you.

2. Inhale Slowly: Breathe in slowly through your nose, counting to 4. Feel your chest and belly expand.

3. Hold Your Breath: Hold your breath for a count of 7.

4. Exhale Slowly: Exhale slowly through your mouth, counting to 8. Imagine releasing all your anxiety and tension with the breath.

5. Repeat: Repeat this cycle for 4 full breaths.

Reflection: After completing the breathing exercise, note any thoughts or feelings that arose. How does your body feel? What about your level of anxiety?

Exercise 3: Anxiety Awareness

Becoming aware of your anxiety triggers and reactions can help you manage them more effectively.

1. Identify Triggers: Think about the past week and identify situations, thoughts, or feelings that triggered your anxiety. Write these down.

2. Analyze Reactions: Next to each trigger, write down how you reacted. Did you experience physical symptoms? Did certain thoughts dominate your mind?

3. Mindful Response: For each reaction, write down one way you could respond more mindfully in the future. This could be taking deep breaths, using the grounding exercise, or simply observing your thoughts without judgment.

Closing Reflection:

Reflect on the overall experience of this mindfulness worksheet. Which exercises did you find most helpful? How can you incorporate these practices into your daily life to manage anxiety?

Remember: Mindfulness is a journey, not a destination. Regular practice is key to reaping the benefits. Keep this worksheet handy and return to these exercises whenever you feel anxious or need a moment of calm.

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