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Printable Active Mindfulness Worksheet & Exercises for Groups [PDF]

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Printable Active Mindfulness Worksheet & Exercises for Groups [PDF] $5.94 Original price was: $5.94.$2.97Current price is: $2.97.
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Introduction to Active Group Mindfulness

Active group mindfulness involves participating in activities with others where everyone is focused on being present and aware. These shared experiences can foster connection, enhance empathy, and build a sense of community, all while engaging in mindful practices.

Benefits of Active Group Mindfulness

  • Strengthens Relationships: Shared mindfulness activities can deepen bonds between participants.
  • Enhances Communication: Group mindfulness can improve listening and speaking with awareness and intention.
  • Builds Empathy: Engaging in mindfulness with others fosters understanding and empathy within the group.
  • Increases Motivation: Being part of a group can enhance your commitment to mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Exercises for Active Groups

1. Group Mindful Walking

How to Do It:

  • As a group, walk in a quiet area, either in a line or side by side, maintaining a slow pace.
  • Focus on the sensation of your feet touching the ground and the sounds of your surroundings.
  • After the walk, gather to share your experiences and reflections.

Why It Helps:

This exercise allows group members to connect with each other and their environment, promoting a sense of unity and shared experience.

2. Mindful Listening Circle

How to Do It:

  • Sit in a circle and decide who will speak first.
  • The speaker shares their thoughts or feelings, focusing on being present and honest.
  • Others listen attentively without interrupting, focusing fully on the speaker.
  • The speaking role rotates around the circle, with each person having a chance to speak and listen.

Why It Helps:

This practice enhances active listening skills, fosters open communication, and builds empathy within the group.

3. Group Body Scan

How to Do It:

  • Have the group lie down in a comfortable position, close their eyes, and relax.
  • Guide them through a body scan, starting from the toes and moving upwards, focusing on each body part.
  • After the scan, allow time for members to share their experiences and any sensations they noticed.

Why It Helps:

A group body scan can create a shared sense of relaxation and mindfulness, enhancing the group’s collective awareness.

4. Cooperative Mindful Movement

How to Do It:

  • Engage in activities like yoga or tai chi, focusing on synchronized movements and breathing.
  • Pay attention to the group’s rhythm and how your movements and breath align with others.
  • Reflect on the experience as a group, discussing how it felt to move and breathe together.

Why It Helps:

This exercise promotes unity, coordination, and a shared mindful experience, reinforcing the group’s connection.

Incorporating Active Group Mindfulness into Daily Life

  • Regular Meetings: Organize regular group mindfulness sessions to build consistency and deepen group connection.
  • Mindful Communication: Practice mindful listening and speaking in group settings, whether in meetings, family gatherings, or social events.
  • Shared Mindfulness Challenges: Undertake group challenges that encourage daily mindfulness practices, supporting and motivating each other.
  • Reflection and Sharing: After group activities, encourage members to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings, fostering a supportive and empathetic community.


Active group mindfulness provides a unique opportunity to deepen your practice while building meaningful connections with others. Through shared experiences, group members can support each other’s growth, enhance their sense of community, and cultivate a collective mindfulness that extends beyond individual practice.

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness with our carefully curated collection of printable mindfulness worksheets and exercises. Each worksheet is designed to guide you through exercises that cultivate awareness, reduce stress, and promote emotional well-being. From grounding techniques to breathing exercises, these tools are your allies in navigating the complexities of daily life with a sense of calm and presence. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your practice, these printable resources are tailored to meet your needs.

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